my name is Nacim and this is my personal website

About Me

Hey, my name is Nacim Goura, I'm 30 years old and I live in France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท I'm passionate about Web development and I'm a fan of the open source world. My favorite languages are Golang and NodeJS. I learning some new thing. I also have experience in mobile development, mainly Android with Java. I frequently carry out technological monitoring to keep me informed of progress๐Ÿ”Ž. Currently, I am very interested in blockchain technology and I believe in its adoption. The language I'm learning right now is Rust Also, I love nature๐ŸŒณ, fantastic books๐Ÿ“š and pizzas๐Ÿ•
If you want to see my resume/cv it's here โšก


  • Today

    Master of Computer Science

    With specialization in computer science and information systems

  • 2016

    License of Computer Science

    With specialization in web and mobile development

  • 2015

    University Diploma in Technology of Computer Science

  • 2013

    Scientific Secondary School Diploma

    Mathematical option on final year of high school

  • 1993

    I was born in Jura, France

    In the middle of fields and cows


January 2020
Lead Web Developer

Currently, I am working on various projects on a full remote. I work mainly on the conception, development and deployment of a web application on Golang, allowing the analysis and visualization of several million lines of data.

May 2019
December 2019
Backend Web Developer

I worked in a consulting company for a startup. I developed and improved a connector to migrate the old data into the new project. I also created, with a team of 3 other developers, an api with NestJS, GraphQL and Mongodb In the same way, I have developed new projects using a recent stack (NodeJS, Typescript, Jest, Google PubSub and Docker)

October 2016
May 2019
Full Stack Web Developer

I worked with NodeJS to make fast and robust applications. I also work with MeteorJS and Python for data analysis. I used VueJS for front-end development.

January 2016
September 2016
Web Developer

I worked with Symfony and BackboneJS to create an interactive and educational game application.

September 2015
December 2015
Web Developer

During my work-study program, I worked on the improvement of the platform locavor.fr, e-commerce site selling vegetables in short circuit.

April 2015
June 2015
Internship Web Developer

As part of my training, I did a 10-week internship in this company that deals with education.


CI/CD (Gitlab CI, Travis)
Database (MongoDB, MySQL)
PHP (Symfony, Composer)




Photography Cinema Puzzle Programming Music Travel Food Cat Hiking

Personal Projects and contributions

  • Sisyphe-go - Golang

    I developed an application in Golang for the CNRS (Inist) analyzing thousands of pdf, xml and json files in order to check if their content corresponds to the expected standards.

  • EBSCO-widget - NodeJS, ReactJS and PostgreSQL

    I contributed to the creation and development of a widget allowing to integrate one of the CNRS websites into a third party website using ReactJS technology.

  • hackathon-starter - NodeJS with Typescript

    A boilerplate for NodeJS web applications. I didn't create the project but I made many contributions.

  • instagram-profilecrawl - JavaScript/Selenium

    Quickly crawl the information (e.g. followers, tags, etc...) of an instagram profile.

  • add-free-course-udemy - JavaScript/Selenium

    Add automatically free course on your udemy account.